What Hansen Could Have Spent His Money On!

Wednesday the NHL announced that Canucks forward Jannik Hansen has been fined.

From NHL.com,

" Jannik Hansen has been fined $2,000 as supplementary discipline under NHL Rule 64 (Diving/Embellishment), the National Hockey League announced today.

NHL Rule 64 is designed to bring attention to and more seriously penalize players (and teams) who repeatedly dive and embellish in an attempt to draw penalties. Fines are assessed to players and head coaches on a graduated scale outlined below:"

$2000 is not much especially for a guy who is making $2.5 million for this year and the following two. But with that being said, $2000 is TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS.

So, in an alternate universe, Jannik Hansen could of spent some money on something more fun than trying to draw a penalty.

Things such as:

Rent a Celebrity:
Some celebrities supplement their incomes by doing appearances. Bill Clinton typically charges a minimum of $50,000 per speech he makes, Kim Kardashian somehow has a rate of $100,000 per appearance. Hansen could have either had about two minutes with Kardashian or maybe looked to some D-lister with a more affordable rate.

Buy a Tanning Bed:
Stay a perfect shade of golden bronze with a tanning bed. There are some sweet deals on eBay.
You can own a new Wolff Ergoline Tanning Bed Commercial Home Bed 120 Watt Lamps 120 Volt or SunTana SunSystem Wollf 8 Lamp Home Tanning Bed Bottom Unit & Box of New Lamps or even a Solar Wave 16 Lamp Commercial Residential Home Tanning Bed for prices that range anywhere from $225-to-$2,500.

This one is a little pricier, so Hansen will have to throw a couple extra bucks in.

Prices range from $4000-to-$6000.

Yeah, you can actually go on Amazon and purchase some Uranium.

Product Description:
Radioactive sample of uranium ore. The ore sample material is Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM). Counts Per Minute (CPM) activity rate listed on the label is determined using a GCA-07W Digital Geiger Counter with an NRC certification. Activity level includes all radiation types: alpha, beta and gamma. Uranium Ore samples are useful for testing Geiger Counters. License exempt. Uranium ore sample size and CPM activity will vary. Shipped in labeled metal container as shown. Shipping Information: We are always in compliance with Section 13 from part 40 of the NRC Nuclear Regulatory Commission rules and regulations and Postal Service regulations specified in 49 CFR 173.421 for activity limits of low level radioactive materials. The item is shipped in accordance with Postal Service activity limits specified in Publication 52. Radioactive minerals are for educational and scientific use only. Images SI Inc., manufacturing electronic instruments and kits for over 25 years.

After seeing this list, you know Hansen blew his money on a silly little pool dive.

If you haven't seen the video of the incident you can do so here.

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Article Added: 2015-12-31

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