Weirdest Ball Park Foods

The boys of summer are back.

Seriously though, what would baseball season be without some awesome food. Although hotdogs and beer are the chosen pair for most at ball games, some ballparks are trying to branch out.

Here are the strangest foods being offered in the top 11 North American ballparks.

Arizona Diamondbacks:

Venom Dog: a foot-long habanero sausage with beans, guacamole and sour cream. Oh yeah, hope you like baked beans and black olives.

Chicago White Sox:

12-Scoop Banana Split: when you need to wash down a dog and a beer why not roll with a super sized banana split with twelve freaking scoops.

Detroit Tigers:

Poutine Dog: this guy maybe a little too Canadian, eh? It's a combo of a dog, poutine and even has fried egg on it.

Houston Astros:

Texas Hold 'Em: BBQ chicken with some slaw and some fries right in the sandwich.

Minnesota Twins:

Bloody Mary: it's an alcoholic beverage with a mini burger attached to it...hello!

Philadelphia Phillies:

Philles Cheez Whiz Bacon Hot Dog: well sir, there is three of America's food groups in this ditty. Cheez Whiz, bacon and hot dog.

Pittsburgh Pirates:

Tatchcos: think nachos but sub in tater tots and then throw up some chilli and sour cream on top of it. YUM!

Seattle Mariners:

Cheese Curds : we have got some traditional cheese curds, deep fry'em and then drizzle the honey and go straight to the emergency room.

Tampa Bay Rays:

4lb Burger: if you can finish this four pound burger and a pound of fries you get a free shirt and tickets, but they're to a Rays game and hopefully not the next evening after eating that thing.

Texas Rangers:

Bacon on a Stick:what else can you say besides the name?
Choomongous:if Slimer from Ghostbusters was a sandwich, it would look something like this 24" spicy-Asian beef sandwich
Frozen Beer:While not technically food, this is one had to crack the list. In honour of Yu Darvish's Japanese heritage, the Rangers will be serving up frozen Kirin beer, the Japanese equivalent of Bud.

West Michigan Whitecaps:

Augger Dogger: the Detroit Tigers AAA-team roars with this deep friend hotdog submerged with potato chips.

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