Water on Mars!

The Mars Curiosity Rover has found evidence that NASA is saying is 'definitive proof' that there was once water flow on Mars.

They believe this is true because they found gravel that was washed off another piece of rock. It would have been too heavy for wind to do the damage so they believe there was an ancient water system that washed through there.

The water way is believed to be between ankle and waist high and moved three feet per second.

My favorite scientist emailed HuffPost about the discovery Neil deGrasse Tyson,
"As a scientist, it's always a good feeling to obtain confirming evidence for something you had strongly suspected was true. Curiosity has just taken us there. But it's an even better feeling to find evidence that conflicts with long-held ideas. Over its usable life, Curiosity will almost surely take us there too."

The Curiosity Rover is on Day 50 of it's two year trip around Mars.

Article Added: 2012-09-28

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