Walking Dead Season 2 Finale

It was the end of the season for the Walking Dead and I have to say I was impressed as shit!

For a lack of a better word, I would describe this season as someone stagnant. It seemed that the show became more of a talk show and less about the zombie-apocalypse.

But I really like what happened to Shane's character. He slowly started losing his mind and eventually lost his life because of it. I am going to miss Shane's wildly inappropriate bullheaded mentality. His random curve balls really made the show exciting.

What we learned in the finale:

Every one is a carrier of the zombie gene. That was a twist! I thought I had it all figured out. The zombie infection had gone viral and was in the air. Nope, it is in you the whole way around!

Micchone is going to be the breakout character of Season 3. Could that have been a better introduction to a character? I'd suggest not. The hooded lady with two armless walkers chained to her as well as sword? I would much rather see Rick hook up with her than Lori!

Lori and Carol suck. For me Carol brings nothing to the table. I almost cared about her character when she found out Sophie died. I was so close to liking her but she went back to the same boring character who just stands around. Lori on the other hand is a loser. If you can explain her reaction when Rick tells her that he killed Shane. She doubles over like she had been shot. At first glance I thought she was mad at Rick and then I figured she was upset with herself because she drove Shane to his death. Either way, Lori is boring and she is lucky to be married to a guy like Rick. I feel like both of these characters are just being seasoned for zombie dinner. In their death they would bring me more excitement than if they hang around.

Rick is a super badass and nobody should ever doubt him again. I'll dial it back a bit to when he shot the two guys in the bar. Was anyone expecting that? He then goes on to kill his best friend because he was a loose cannon. It wasn't just that he killed him but he did it with a knife. Finally he burnt down the barn, killed a dozen zombies and then took full ownership of the group. Welcome to the new Ricktatorship. "This is no longer a democracy!" I love it and can't wait for season three. I'm really looking forward to the interaction between Rick and the Governor.

Article Added: 2012-03-19

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