UFC Sues Online Pirate

The man being sued by the Ultimate Fighting Championship(UFC)for $32 million has taken to the internet to plead for help.

Steve Messina who is allegedly the mastermind behind the "Secludedly" internet uploads on torrent sites such as Pirate Bay and others has been served by the UFC.

The documents suggest that it wasn't just the copyright infringement of copying and uploading UFC events but his downfall was when he asked for donations to keep the files coming.

Messina spoke to in depth to Torrent Freak about the whole situation and said that he wasn't trying to hurt the UFC in fact it was the opposite,

"It’s always the one you love the most that can hurt you the most. I love the UFC. I love MMA. I want the world to know of it and acknowledge it as a legitimate sport and I want it to be famous. I don’t want myself to be famous. That’s an oxymoron for me, don’t you think? An agoraphobe seeking attention? I want to be left alone and continue living my horrible life with what little I have, and that’s my family and MMA."

Messina has taken his message to GO FUND ME in hopes of raising enough money to secure a lawyer.

He says he has found a lawyer but needs $5,000 as a retainer.

The UFC has been battling online piracy for a while in fact CEO Lorenzo Fertita pitched to Congress in support of Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).

Article Added: 2014-05-08

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