UFC 181 Breakdown

This weekend is arguably the biggest fight card of the year in combat sports.

UFC 181 will feature two title matches including the Welterweight and Lightweight Titles.

The majority of the online betting sites have Johnny Hendricks winning the fight between -201 to -250 with an average of -219. Which means you would need to put $219 down to win $100.

While number one contender Robbie Lawler is the underdog going from +160 to +200, with an average of +178. Which means if you put down $100 and Lawler wins, you could earn nearly $200.

Take a peak at the full in-depth look of betting odds for the whole PPV here.

But if you're not into the whole betting thing, check out the EA Sports simulation.

Take it with a grain of salt because the simulation is correct part of the time but also inaccurate.

Article Added: 2014-12-03

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