Top Ways You're Being Rude on Facebook

1: Friend collecting:
There was a time we used to just guess as to who was the most popular person in the room. Today, we look at your very public follower, friend, or subscriber count and we know. If one person’s number is higher than another’s, then that person is more popular, right?

We like to fool ourselves into believing this is not true, but we can’t stop ourselves from starting at those numbers, comparing ourselves to others, and adding more online friends.

2: Asking people to “Like” your content-free Facebook page:
Similar to friend collecting is the process of setting up a Facebook fan page and then immediately spamming all your friends to “like” your page which happens to be void of content. Luckily, this has decreased substantially as it used to be a seemingly automatic request to all of one’s friends upon the creation of every single fan page.

“Liking” a piece of content or fan page is a transactional agreement. It’s an endorsement that comes after I have approved of what you have shown me. Requesting someone to “like” your fan page without showing them content is the equivalent of asking for something for nothing.

3: Requiring app installation to consume a message:
Ever get a message like this?

“John Doe just sent you a birthday greeting. Install the Happy Birthday App to view the content.”

This is similar to “like” requests on contentless Facebook pages in that it’s a lopsided transaction. The selfishness in this case lies primarily in the hands of the app developer who sees this as a “viral” technique to increase their install base.

4: Auto-DMs on Twitter:
Nothing screams “Pay attention to me!” more than automated direct messages (DMs) after you’ve followed someone on Twitter. I think the reason they annoy me so much is how they’re written to appear so personal (e.g., “Thank you so much for following me…”) when they’re obviously not any type of personal communications. I wish Twitter would simply turn it off.

5: “Happy Birthdays” on Facebook:
Isn’t it great that Facebook reminds us when our friends having a birthday? This alert is a great reminder to send a note about how much you appreciate your friendship. Or you could send a gift. Or maybe record a “Happy Birthday” video greeting. Facebook has provided some amazing personal information about your audience, yet we go out of our way and blow a well-timed opportunity to make a meaningful connection with our friends by just typing “Happy Birthday” and nothing else.

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Article Added: 2015-01-29

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