Top Free Apps

1.) Alarm Clock HD: this clock has built-in weather and can be integrated with Facebook and Twitter.

2.) iMapMyRUN: keeps track of your run time and location as well as offers nutritional tips.

3.) HopStop: gives travel information about public transit.

4.) Flipboard: Named App of the Year in 2010. It takes everything you like and brings up information and news items based around your choosing.

5.) Google Currents: similar to number four. It turns your phone into an innovative magazine.

6.) [bPandora Radio/Spotify: personalizes your music choice and makes a sexy playlist for you.

7.) Evernote: Organization app that allows you to take notes, lists ect.

8.) Dropbox: Access documents, photos and videos even make them available in offline mode.

9.) Urbanspoon: rate restaurants online and find a location near you.

10.)Crackle: hosts shows and movies ready to stream.

Article Added: 2013-08-06

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