Top 25 Canadian Cities Who Buy Adult Toys

Canadians aren't shy about their sex lives. An adult sex toy company called PinkCherry released their yearly statistics about which cities in Canada spend the most money on s3x toys.

Much of the country was well represented including big towns like Vancouver and Toronto to the smaller guys like Surrey and Fort McMurray.

On average Canadians spend $89.92 on their special toys per year.

In an earlier study done by it found that Winnipeg was the sexiest Canadian city and Ottawa was the least.

So where does your town stack up when it comes to buying s3x toys? Find out below.

25. Grand Praririe
24. Kitchener, Ontario
23. Kingston, Ontario
22. Moncton, New Brunswick
21. Fredericton, New Brunswick
20. Fort McMurray, Alberta
19. Red Deer, Alberta
18. Surrey, British Columbia
17. Quebec City, Quebec
16. St John's, Newfoundland
15. Sudbury, Ontario
14. Kelowna, British Columbia
12. Regina, Saskatchewan
11. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
10. Halifax, Nova Scotia
9. London, Ontario
8. Victoria, British Columbia
7. Winnipeg, Manitoba
6. Ottawa, Ontario
5. Vancouver, British Columbia
4. Montreal, Quebec
3. Calgary, Alberta
2. Edmonton, Alberta

And the number one city in all of Canada who spends the most money on s3x toys: 1. Toronto, Ontario.

Will this help or hinder the west coast bias for Toronto?

Article Added: 2012-05-11

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