Stefan Struve Back Training

Stefan Struve is the luckiest unlucky fighter in the UFC.

It's been a rough last eight months for Struve. Starting off in March of this year in Saitama, Japan 11:44 seconds into the fight against Mark Hunt.

That was his only fight of 2013. Not only was he the recipient of one of the most brutal knockouts of the year but he also received some unwanted news during August.

Struve was diagnosed with a leaky aortic valve which allowed blood to travel in the opposite direction that it is supposed to. But after two months of being under doctor's care Struve returned to light sparring.

It has been reported that Struve now has the green light to start training full boar.

Which Struve confirmed:

Much to the delight of everyone on Twitter:

So who do you want to see Struve's return fight against?

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Big Country Roy Nelson, or maybe Frank Mir?

Article Added: 2013-11-24

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