Somebody Stole $60-Grand Worth of Computers!

Even in death Steve Jobs wasn't able to avoid being burglarized.

The house that Jobs lived in for many years was broken into earlier this week and $60,000 worth computers and electronics were taken from the home.

The weirdest part of the whole situation was that the burglar, Kariem McFarlin 35, did not know it was Jobs' home.

Police in the area are suggesting that the crime was just a run of the mill break and enter with no motive or no clue. McFarlin was later arrested and said that he broke into the home because it was under renovations, there was nobody home and that it was an easy target because it was less secure.

He has been held in custody with a $500,000 bail until his court hearing August 20th.

Article Added: 2012-08-14

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