Secret Service's Biggest Scandal, EVER!

When President Obama touched down in Columbia for the Summit of Americas he expected politics and nothing but.

Well, that didn't turn out to be the case. From the moment he got into Columbia he was informed that he would be down 11 Secret Service members because they had been caught in a prostitution ring. The number which is now upwards of 20 members being suspended all started because one member of the Service decided not to pay one of the women. She in turn went to the police and complained about the treatment and thus becomes the worst scandal in Secret Service history.

As word traveled to the United States, most people looked at it as a black eye for America. But people in Columbia have looked at it as, "boys will be boys" and "prostitution is the oldest profession in the world."

No word on what will happen to the 20 members.

Can you believe one prostitute infiltrated the collapse of so many Secret Service members.

Article Added: 2012-04-17

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