Random Act of Kindess

I'll have a a large double-double, a Boston Cream doughnut, and five hundred cups of coffee please.

That does sound odd when you first hear about it but that's exactly what happened at a Tim Hortons in Edmonton early in the week.

The random stranger walked up to the manager and asked how many cups of coffee the franchise typically sells in a day, she responded, "around five hundred." He accepted the $859 bill and went on his way.

When asked his name the young male refused to identify himself but asked the servers to give out the coffees to the next five hundred customers free of charge.

There is no information about who the man is or why he would spend nearly $900 on complete strangers. A working theory is that it does coincide with theChive's Random Acts of Kindness Week. Where random people do nice things for complete strangers.

To learn more about the the Chive's RAK

Article Added: 2013-07-24

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