New Planet Made by Spence Diamonds?

A US and French team has found what they believe is a planet filled with diamonds.

The new planet that is forty light years away orbits a sun-like star and is double the radius of the Earth but is eight times more dense.

Scientist believe that the planet is filled with granite and diamonds. So think of the Earth's water reservoir, now picture that as diamonds and times it by two.

The new discovery is being name '55 Cancri e' and it is so hot that it is believed the once carbon planet burned itself into one big diamond.

Hold on now, before you start thinking you're going to go all Intergalactic Treasure Hunter like a space traveling Nic Cage, 40 light years away may sound close but it translates to about 370 trillion kilometers away from your current location, give or take.

Article Added: 2012-10-11

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