NBA Game: Smoke Show

Mexico City saw some major fireworks last night.

Well, less fireworks and more smoke and just fire.

What was supposed to be the first regular season game played in Mexico since late 1997 turned into a smoke show.

Right as the pregame rituals were going on and players were taking the court a generator malfunctioned and smoke filled the arena.

Spurs TV play-by-play Sean Elliot just assumed it was pre-game hoopla,

"a lot of teams do that before introductions. But then the smoke just kept creeping and it wasn't white smoke. It was like a brown dark smoke and it started taking over the whole court. It was surprising."

Flames didn't engulf the arena like everyone is making it out to be, but the game was canceled due to smoke. Which is good news for Coach Rick Adelman who was earlier complaining that they had to play a "home" game in Mexico City.

The teams will make the game up sometime in 2014.

(Also nice to note, the fans in attendance who were treated to smoke inhalation will also be fully reimbursed)

Article Added: 2013-12-05

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