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The big news this week is the results from UFC on FUEL TV 2. The main even saw hometown boy Alexander Gustafsson defeat Thiago Silva in a three round decision. What's next for Gustafsson? He's probably a fight or two away from a title shot. The other big winner of the evening was the ex-Marine Brian Stann. This was his return match after losing his last outing to Chael Sonnen. He came in with a literal bang, as he punched Alessio Sakara's lights out. The All-American has one of the most brutal power in the middle weight division. Maybe we will see him against a top five middle weight in the near future.

In other news that potentially nobody cares about was from the Maine-iac Tim Sylvia. He has been teasing a "major announcement" and he finally released it. Is he is retiring? Has he signed with the UFC? No, he has made it public that he would be willing to do the Ultimate Fighter to get back into the UFC. He wouldn't be the first, Roy Nelson made his UFC debut through there and so did a lot of others. Would you watch the Ultimate Fighter just because of Tim Sylvia?

The other news of the week is the upcoming fight card from Atlanta. This one is a year in the making as we finally get to see Jon Jones against Rashad Evans. An article written on SB Nation has got every single light heavy champion inside the UFC dating back to 1997 and giving them their predictions on who is going to win that fight. The overwhelming answer? Jon Jones will most likely win but Rashad Evans has a chance. I think former champ Quinton Rampage Jackson had the best quote although the English needs some cleaning up,

Rashad has to go for it right from the start, for real. Rashad can't play on the outside, you can't fight no Jon Jones on the outside, believe me. Rashad is fast and can surprise you. He surprised me by faking a takedown and hitting me with a right hand which kinda stunned me. I think he can do that to Jon Jones, but he has to do it right away because the more time you give Jones, the harder it is to set him up for a punch. I think Jon Jones will win, but I think Rashad has a chance."

The fight goes this Saturday inside the Philips Arena this Saturday!

Article Added: 2012-04-16

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