MMA News: October 25, 2013

-Starting off with the buyrate from UFC 166. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestler Observer is saying that the second big title fight in the last month did unexpectedly poor numbers,

"It’s far too early to get an accurate PPV number, but the early trends are, at least to me, hugely disappointing. When Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson did far lower than any Jones show to date, it had the built in excuse of being one week after Mayweather vs. Alvarez. While the boxing/MMA crossover isn’t that large, that event, when you’re talking 2.2 million buys at $75 a head and the fight that everyone was talking about, that is the exception. Dana White has said that the number (which he wouldn’t reveal) was better than he expected, but he’s also a bigger boxing fan than most.

Various sources have pegged it as lower than the Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Timothy Bradley boxing match seven nights earlier. No national number has been released for that fight either. Like with Jones, this based on earliest samples, looks to be the lowest Velasquez main event. That’s saying something since his last fight was with Bigfoot Silva, who he had massacred a year earlier, and was on a show with a strong undercard."

MMA Payout is suggesting from the Melzter report that the buyrate could be lower than the Marquez/Bradley PPV which scored around 450,000 buys.

-Looking at other numbers related to UFC 166.
The Prelims on Fox Sports1 scored 628, 000 viewers which is also less than the two PPV's before it: UFC 164 Prelims 809,000 and UFC 165 Prelims had 722,000 viewers.

-Maybe it isn't a lead in or boxing problem, it could very well be a heavyweight championship problem. The last three times the heavyweight title has been defended before JDS/Cain III none of the buyrates have gone above 600,000.

UFC 160: May 25, 2013: 380,000 buys
UFC 155: December 29, 2012: 550,000 buys
UFC 146: May 26, 2012: 560,000 buys.

While you compare that to the UFC's biggest loudmouth. In Chael Sonnen's last three title fights on PPV, the buyrate has matched or exceeded the heavyweights.

UFC 159: April 27, 2013: 550,000 buys
UFC 148: July 7, 2012: 925,000 buys
UFC 117: Aug 7, 2010: 600,000 buys.

Is it that people don't want to see the heavyweights because they are boring or because they lack charisma? Chael Sonnen has tons of charisma but not a lot of flash in the octagon and yet he is a consistent PPV draw.

- Speaking of ol' Chael P. MMA Brazil caught him in a scrum and asked him pretty much everything including Tito Ortiz, his protege Luke Barnatt and a bunch more. Anderson Silva comes up as well.

Although he still wants another shake at Anderson he is willing to have him on his team as a coach for the new TUF Brazil.

-His rival coach is also making interesting demands as well. Wanderlai Silva is calling for a variation on TUF Brazil to have rival nations squaring off,

"Now it's official, I will be responsible for representing our country, and yes I will make him pay for everything he said about us, I really need help and support you in this our new battle yesterday asked Dana to do a show USA BRAZIL you, he chooses the fighters he thinks are the best of the best uses I choose here in Brazil, it makes no sense to be Coach of fighters here, + I want to pick the fighters here, let's make a pressure boss there, blow a Twitter asking him to be so, and once again count on you brother (a) their fans, their strength, thank you for always and in all situations you're with me!!"

-This Saturday the World Series of Fighting 6: "Burkman vs. Carl" event, which takes place at BankUnited Center in Coral Gables, Florida will crown its first ever champion.

The man with the greatest comeback in the sport Josh Burkman takes on Steve Carl. You can catch the preliminary card on the World Series of Fighting website and you can catch the main card on NBC Sports.

-The UFC will have counter programming against WSOF 6 this weekend. UFC Manchester: Machida/Munoz will air on Fox Sports. You can see the weigh-ins here:

-As per yesterday's news Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock joined Michael Lansberg on Off The Record to trash Dana White.

-Finishing up on a fun note.

The 20th anniversary of the UFC is upcoming and so are the tales of inaugural show. It is fair to say that if some of the original spitfire plans were used the UFC wouldn't have celebrated a tenth anniversary let alone it's twentieth. UFC co-founder Rorion Gracie talks about the original ideas,

"We thought of a moat with alligators. We thought of an arena with sharks around. We seriously thought about an electric fence. But we couldn't in case one guy pushed the other into the moat and he'd get chewed up. We laughed at it, but in Hollywood your mind travels and we just thought of every different possibility... Eventually I settled on the Octagon."

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