MMA News: August 8th, 2013

-Starting off in the heavyweight division.

This could be shot at Josh Barnett or Frank Mir but Daniel Cormier believes that Roy Nelson is the stiffest challenge he has ever faced.

"Roy Nelson is the most dangerous guy I've ever fought my entire career. He can knock me out with one punch. I'm fully aware of that. They (Silva, Mir and Barnett) don't have that one-punch knockout power. Those guys weren't going to just knock me out. Barnett and Mir could have caught me with a submission. But I knew going into those fights that I could stay out of those positions. With Mir, I knew I could just keep him standing. With Barnett, I know how to grapple; I've been grappling my entire life, so I knew I could stay out of submissions. But Roy, man, it takes one punch. And it's not even just his overhand right. He's got a nasty uppercut, nice left hook, he's a good grappler, he can take me down, get on top of me and crucifix me and elbow me like he did everyone on The Ultimate Fighter. There is so many ways I can lose to Roy Nelson that my focus needs to be completely on him"

After a war of words between the two heavyweights they will finally meet in the middle of the octagon on Oct. 19 inside the Toyota Center in the co-main event of UFC 166.

-I hope for Chael Sonnen's head that he can move and weave. According to Freddie Roach Mauricio Rua can punch like Superman,

"when we started, he really didn't know how to pivot and put his full weight behind the punches and so forth, but we've been working on that. He's a great puncher, a great striker and in a short time he's come a long way. When he first got here, his mechanics were a little off. When I tell him something, he understands what I mean. It doesn't take long for him to pick it up. Guys with talent pick stuff like that up quickly. It's been a lot of fun."

This is great news for Shogun as long as Chael doesn't have a different game plan for him.

Regardless of how the fight ends the American Gangster is planning on moving back to the middleweight division.

-Staying with Chael Sonnen (sort of).

Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney may have taken a potshot at the outspoken light heavyweight/middle weight contender. When asked about whether it will be business as usual for Bellator or whether Tito or Rampage will jump the line for a title shot Rebney was firm on his stance,

"our point of difference is that we're real sports competition, and when it boils down to world title fights, when it boils down to crowning our champion at 170, or 55 or 45 or whatever weight class, guys are going to earn the right to fight for that championship and they're going to have to beat the champion. It's the toughest tournament in sports, it's real sports competition.We're not sitting around waiting for some wrestler to lose two fights straight and then bark his way into a 205 world title fight. That's just not the essence of what we do."

There was not a direct mention of Sonnen's name but that was the reality that Sonnen did face.

-Speaking of the Tito/Rampage fight.

Jon Jones was asked on Twitter who he thought would win the battle between Ortiz and Jackson.
Jones knows a thing or two about both men as he defeated Rampage back at UFC 135 and he is now trying to break Tito Ortiz's UFC record for most LHW title defenses.

-As reported yesterday Jose Aldo broke his foot and was also suffering from kidney stones during his fight against the Korean Zombie.

But he was not the only one who had problems during the fight. Chan Sung Jung separated his shoulder in the forth round but according to FoxSports the Korean Zombie also suffered an orbital fracture.

It is a double-edged sword for Jung as he will not need surgery for his shoulder but there is no word on his face just yet. He will see a specialist later this week.

-The leather will fly in the rematch between Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey but for now all we have is the war of words. Tate is the latest to make a snarky comment comment to her opponent. It has nothing to do with her professional career but everything to do with her personal life,

"I just think Ronda's so crazy, you guys will see when the show TUF 18 comes out, that I assume she can't keep a man around for any period of time so I would imagine she's probably pretty jealous that both Bryan and I are successful fighting in the UFC and going on 7 years, so she can't keep him out of her mouth."

The ladies talking about each others personal life is nothing new as Rousey has taken a shot at Tate's boyfriend Bryan Caraway,

"I just said that I could beat up her and boyfriend in the same day, which, he’s just some average, to below average MMA guy and I’m, like, the women’s world champion. It would be expected that I’d be able to beat the average MMA guy in my weight class, right? Is that such an unbelievable thing to say? No."

-There is also a rumor going around that Ronda Rousey might be getting a role in the Fast and the Furious Seven.

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