MMA News: August 6th, 2013

-Saturday Night the Ultimate Fighting Championship invaded Brazil for UFC 163. The event had it's ups and downs including three serious injuries.

Quick Results:
Jose Aldo defeats Chan Sung Jung by TKO (Punches) in Round 4, 2:00
Phil Davis defeats Lyoto Machida by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Cezar Ferreira submits Thiago Santos by Guillotine Choke in Round 1, 0:47
Thales Leites defeats Tom Watson by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
John Lineker defeats Jose Maria by TKO (Punches) in Round 2, 1:03
Anthony Perosh defeats Vinny Magalhaes by KO (Punches) in Round 1, 0:14
Amanda Nunes defeats Sheila Gaff by TKO (Elbows) in Round 1, 2:08
Sergio Moraes submits Neil Magney by Triangle Choke in Round 1, 3:13
Ian McCall defeats Iliarde Santos by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Ian McCall confirmed his broken hand,

"For those asking if I really broke my hand .... Here you go. Not to bad but def broken."

The Korean Zombie separated his shoulder in the forth round before his loss. It was also confirmed that Jose Aldo broke his lead foot in the first round. Both men will be out of action for the majority of the year.

The Korean Zombie would love to have a rematch against Aldo and doesn't think that the loss was because of a lack of skill,

"(My shoulder) was really painful when it first separated, but when they took us back to the medical room, they popped it back into place. Now it feels okay.... As far as the rematch goes, I would love to get a rematch. I would love to ask for a rematch, but I think there are other people that are waiting in line right now, and I probably have to get a couple more wins in the division before they'll give me another shot at the title."

-"Don't leave it in the hands of the judges!" Are you listening Lyoto Machida?

Again Lyoto is in the news about his "lay and wait" tactics in his fights. Everyone's favorite analyst who they don't ask for let his opinion be known. Michael Bisping took to Twitter to offer this advice for Machida,

"Lyoto didn't do enough in this fight. He was hanging around and letting Davis do his work. Davis impressed me with his striking. Machida wasn't overly active. Maybe he needs to change his style. I didn't see the killer instinct. He needs to be more aggressive. He's too reserved and too hesitant."

The style that Machida uses is the same that won him the UFC light heavyweight championship back in 2009, while Michael Bisping has not even fought for the title.

-Heading back to UFC 163, the question remains, who should be the next contender for Aldo's Featherweight title? Many believe it should be Ricardo Lamas who had his opportunity snatched away from him earlier in the year.

-UFC heavyweight contender Daniel Cormier believes he has the answer,

"Cub Swanson has been on a sick roll right now. I want to see him fight Aldo next. Cub is very confident right now, but Aldo won't lose."

-Jones got under Daniel Cormier's skin earlier in the day when he said,

"DC is a guy who really wants to be famous. I don't think he wants to work hard. I think he just wants to be famous. You can see it in his physique; you can see it in his cardio. He's trying to get his Twitter followers up. I hate answering questions about him. He's just not relevant to me. There's so many great fighters in the light-heavyweight division. He's not even top five in his division, I'm not sure if he is. He has like 28,000 Twitter followers. He has short reach, bad cardio, he looked terrible in his last fight. It's like, I'm not worried about him at all."

Cormier had his mouth running overtime this weekend. Even though his next fight is in the heavyweight division against Roy Nelson, Cormier continues his verbal jabs towards the Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones,

"When I hear his quote, it's like a 16-year old girl. Jon Jones, grow up bud, we're going to fight regardless of how you feel. And when we do and I'm cutting the line and you might as well pull the guard because I'm taking you down."

-After Vitor Belfort shot down a fight with Tim Kennedy, Dana White was against matching him up against Chael Sonnen, so he offered a light heavyweight tilt with Rashad Evans. But that to was a no-go because Rashad did not want to fight his training partner. Finally, there maybe a solution to the murky situation.

Vitor has challenged a man who has already beaten him, Dan Henderson.

Hendo wasn't available for a comment but his BJJ coach Ricardo Feliciano did mention the possible duel,

"Vitor is at the top and Henderson is coming off two decision losses. A victory over him would build us up. Hendo is already 205lbs, this is his normal weight. If this bout happens in November, it will be excellent if included in Georges St. Pierre's card in Las Vegas. I will pump him up. Vitor will regret to have asked for this rematch."

Vitor is coming off of two vicious knockout wins while Henderson is sporting a two-fight losing streak.

-Are the superfight rumors dead now that Anderson Silva lost to Chris Weidman? No! According to Anderson,

"I’ll train and remain focused to fight Weidman on Dec. 28.... But, I hope a "super" fight against Jon Jones eventually happens. That’s the fight everybody is waiting for.... I had a nightmare with Weidman, but I don’t fear him. He is determined, but has two arms and two legs just like me. Now I’ll bring Chuck Norris to my camp. I’ll bring both, Chuck Norris and Steven Seagal."

Weidman and Silva will fight for the second time on December 28th, no word if Chuck Norris will actually be by Anderson's side.

-The UFC has released their updated pound-for-pound list after this weekend's fight card:
1 Jon Jones
2 Georges St. Pierre
3 Anderson Silva
4 Jose Aldo
5 Benson Henderson
6 Cain Velasquez
7 Demetrious Johnson
8 Renan Barao
9 Dominick Cruz +1
10 Chris Weidman -1

-Bellator is set to make its PPV debut in November when Tito Ortiz takes on Rampage Jackson.

Company CEO Bjorn Rebney has offered an official price for the "super fight,"

"Price points will vary on the distributor -- we'll have a $35 price point, some $40 and some of the distributors might push it up to $45. It will be distributor-specific based on where they are located throughout the country. That's because they know, it's very much like our relationships with our fighters. They're the experts in the field, they know what their different consumer base is going to withstand for a certain fight or a certain event. So, we leave it more in the hands of the distributors to make that determination as opposed to mandating them or directing them as to what it would be at one singular price point. There are different markets, which are hot beds of mixed martial arts that have show a propensity to buy huge numbers. There are others that don't quite buy as much that we want to fertilize and get it to be a better MMA market. We've left it in the hands of the distributors to make some of those determinations. There is a very high likelihood we won't exceed the $50 price point."

The rumor for that card was originally Rampage vs Roy Jones Jr but that was canned as soon as Ortiz signed with the organization. Rampage even says he was setting up a boxing camp until Tito signed with Bellator.

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