MMA News: August 28th, 2013

-UFC Fight Night is happening this evening. It's a double dip this week with fights tonight and Saturday. Here is the full weigh-ins from yesterday:

-Four years ago these two men fought to a close decision. If that fight was not good enough for you to get you hyped up. Here's a video package for tonight's main event that should do the trick.

-All it took was one loss for the Anderson Silva haters to jump all over him. For example: Vitor Belfort and Renzo Gracie and even Flyodd Mayweather JR is not to keen on the former king of the middleweight division.

But Anderson Silva is fighting back.

Silva's highlights of the interview were calling "Money" a smurf,

"Who? Who? Boxing is a great sport. My dad fight boxing for long time in Brazil. I like the story. Boxing have traditional story and people in United States love boxing. I watch Roy Jones, Oscar de La Hoya, Vinny Pazienza, The big man, the great man in boxing in my opinion is Muhammad Ali is the great boxer. He give the chance to change the world inside the ring and outside. Boxers have the great story. I respect for boxing. Floyd Mayweather? I don't know this guy. Is he Papa Smurf? Mayweather is good boxing. This is my opinion. The guy no respect me. I respect all the guys in the world. Mayweather is a part of this story in the world. I'm part of the sport in the world. Mayweather need to respect this, but this guy no respect nothing. Sorry, but I no respect Mayweather."

-Everyone's favorite Marine-turned MMA fighter-turned analyst will be gracing September's issue of Muscle and Fitness.

Stann talks about how he got octagon-ready,

"When I lift, I'll do exercises designed to build strength and power, such as the bench press, squat, pullup or power clean. Closer to a fight, this would shift to more conditioning and speed-based movements. I try not to do stuff that's too isometric -- fighting is more dynamic, so you train that way. I'll do a good, active warmup, sometimes taking up to 20-25 minutes, then get into my lifts."

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