MMA News: August 27th, 2013

-It's a busy week in mixed martial arts. The UFC is holding two separate events.

- The weighs in for UFC Fight Night 27: Condit vs. Kampmann are happening later this afternoon but here is the updated fight card:
Main Event:
170 lbs.: Carlos Condit vs. Martin Kampmann

FOX Sports 1 Main Card:
155 lbs.: Donald Cerrone vs. Rafael dos Anjos
170 lbs.: Kelvin Gastelum vs. Brian Melancon
170 lbs.: Court McGee vs. Robert Whittaker
135 lbs.: Takeya Mizugaki vs. Erik Perez
185 lbs.: Bubba McDaniel vs. Brad Tavares

FOX Sports 2 Prelims (6 p.m. ET):
170 lbs.: Papy Abedi vs. Dylan Andrews
170 lbs.: Justin Edwards vs. Brandon Thatch
145 lbs.: Hatsu Hioki vs. Darren Elkins
170 lbs.: James Head vs. Jason High

Facebook Prelims (4:30 p.m. ET):
170 lbs.: Ben Alloway vs. Zak Cummings
155 lbs.: Roger Bowling vs. Abel Trujillo

-Not to look past the UFC on Fox 1, but the UFC has a huge fight card this weekend including the lightweight title on the line.

To get you pumped up for UFC 164 you can checkout the co-main event buildup here. Turns out Frank Mir and Josh Barnett just don't like each other.

For a full look at the countdown head here.

-Bellator just cannot catch a break. Tito Ortiz and Rampage Jackson were in the ESPN studios and the host accidentally promo'd the UFC and not Bellator fight, hoenst mistake I guess!

-Finally, word came out last week that UFC heavyweight fighter Stefan Struve's career might be over due to an enlarged heart. His doctors spoke to the media to explain his condition,

"There's a little valve between the heart and the aorta that's sort of a one-way valve. That way the blood gets pumped out and doesn't come back in. Well he was born with what is called a bicuspid valve which has two flaps and usually there's three. Now because he has this abnormal heart valve, it allows the blood to leak back in. This means every time his heart pumps blood, not all of it goes out, some of it leaks back in. They's why they called it a leaky valve.

What that means is as he is training or fighting and his heart is beating faster and faster, he's got to get oxygen to the rest of his body through the blood, he may not be getting all the oxygen he needs and that can actually affect his cardiovascular stamina, could affect his training, could affect his fighting career. Eventually the heart can enlarge, the valve can enlarge or even burst and you'll need a replacement. If he ends up with a replacement, that's really a career killer because you need to take anticoagulants which prevent you from clotting. You can imagine a guy can't go out there and fight because if he gets cut, they won't be able to stop the bleeding. Even Aspirin alone can cause some guys to bleed a lot in the Octagon so if he goes down that path, it's a career killer.

He may not have to go down there. If he has yearly follow-up, has a good doctor, has somebody listening to his heart and checking how much it pumps. You can check that by doing an echocardiogram, which is an actual imaging of the heart so they can follow it and if his heart starts to deteriorate, they'd have to pull the plug on him. As an athlete, they put more stress on his heart than you or I might so that's why it might deteriorate more quickly than a normal person's.

So it could be a career ending injury, but it could also be something they could control with medication and he'd be allowed to fight a few more years."

Sifting through that doctor's lingo, there were good signs for Struve and his career continuing.

-I don't know why it has taken him this long to get talk about a fight that happened over a month ago but Michael Bisping is popping off at the mouth about Chris Weidman and although it starts out as a congratulations it sort of ends with a slap in the face,

"Obviously it would always be a dream of mine to fight Anderson Silva and be the guy to take the title, of course. Yeah I was a little disappointed and I'm not taking anything away from his win, but we all know Anderson Silva was acting like an idiot and he got knocked out. It would have been nice to be the guy that did it, so congratulations to Chris, he's the new champion and certainly a formidable force at middleweight, but yeah, it stinks a little. I could have done that. I could have easily done that."

The reason why "the Count" is talking about it rather than actually doing it, is because he has lost both times he was on the verge of a Middleweight title shot.

Article Added: 2013-08-27

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