Mark Wahlberg's Amazing House

What's not to love about Mark Wahlberg?

His action movies, his sculpted physique, and of course his choice of sports teams. (well maybe not the last one)

Mark Wahlberg has released photos of his house and even though there are only a few pictures, the whole world has become envious.

For example, this is the SOB's personal gym INSIDE HIS HOME!

You have to get some cardio in, so why not do it on a personalized basketball court?

After a heavy workout you need to make a protein-packed meal and of course you need two stoves and two sinks to do it...just in case.

And once you've put in all that hard work, you definitely need to take a load off for example at your own personal cabana.

Or by a waterfall.

Article Added: 2014-05-12

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