John Morillo Has Proof

You remember the drunk guy who swam from Windsor into Detroit?

He now has proof that he swam across the channel.

In two pictures provided to the Windsor Star, Morillo is seen climbing up a ladder on the Detroit side of the water way and the second picture is of him posing with a passerby outside of Detroit's GM Renaissance Center.

The passerby described Morillo,
“slightly drunk, but extremely cordial, and more amused with himself than proud!"

Morillo went on to say that he made it across to prove to himself he could do it and not prove it to his friends who bated him into the stupid decision.

Some competitive swimmers were suggesting that it could have been a fraud because even some triatheletes don't believe they could swim back-and-forth through the waterway.

But you have to think, who would be stupid enough to swim through there?

Although he was arrested, Morillo has yet to be charged for swimming in a shipping lane which can carry a $25,000 fine.

Article Added: 2013-07-30

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