Invisible Car

It's about time for an invisible car.

Land Rover has unveiled a new concept car that for all intents and purposes is invisible....sort of.

Basically it would allow you to see what is under the car by having a camera on the bottom of the car and the projection shot onto the hood.

The image is planned to look something like this:

Although the idea is in the prototype stage the working title for the Land Rover is the "Transparent Bonnet." They believe that this would be well-suited for off-roaders and rough terrain.

Director of researchand technology for Jaguar Land Rover Dr Wolfgang Epple,

"We believe the next 25 years will be the most exciting and dynamic the automotive industry has ever experienced. There will be huge strides in environmental innovation, in safety and capability. "As our vehicles become more capable and autonomous off-road, we will ensure the driver has the confidence to allow the car to continue to progress, over any terrain. We are developing new technologies including the Transparent Bonnet to give drivers an augmented view of reality to help them tackle anything from the toughest off-road route to the tight confines of an urban car park."

You can see all the hoopla about it if you are headed to the New York International Auto Show later this month.

Article Added: 2014-04-09

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