Five Things To Get Rid Of!

1.) Your old books: Give them to a friend or donate them, especially if they're books that nobody you know wants.

2.) The stuff you were going to fix: I think we can get real and admit, you're probably not going to fix a key chain or a necklace from back in the day, turf it!

3.) Old gadgets: nearly 70% of people hoard old phones. Why do you need a Nokia brick from the late 90's or an old pager? Get rid of 'em!

4.) Old papers: we all have it, the drawer with the papers. Old warranties, letters you don't need, lots of clutter and it's the damn papers that jam into the back of your drawer so you can't close it properly.

5.) Furniture: especially the one's that have the "buts" attached to it. You've thought about getting rid of it...."but, it's really comfortable." If you're thinking of getting rid of it, then it should go!

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Article Added: 2014-03-18

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