Facebook Affect Your Credit?

Your Facebook friends tell more about you than you think.

That is according to an online credit firm called Kreditech. They are a lending firm that does not just look at your traditional credit score which is based off of loans paid and timeliness of payment but they look at your social media. They look at your friends, your amazon and your eBay payments. If your Facebook friends are late on payments and it is verified, that can affect you.

In fact Kreditech is so anal that if you don't read their rules thoroughly you can be bumped down in their eyes. If you type in all caps or don't use caps at all then you lose points.

But according to one of the owners of Kreditech, he says that this has come full circle because a lot of customers use social media to complain about services and companies must use that to remedy those situations.

But traditionalists are questioning the idea because social media users can control their tweets, messages and how many people they have on their pages but they can't exactly manipulate their credit scores in such a way.

Article Added: 2013-08-27

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