Don't Get Sick!

Here are five easy ways to staying healthy during the cold and flu season:

1. Garlic it up: It’s time to start channeling your inner Mario Batali and cooking up some Italian cuisine—or anything with loads of garlic. The potent bulb contains the compound allicin, which is known to have antiviral properties that may prevent colds and the flu.
2. Sweat it out: A passive sweat, like a sauna or steam, actually helps the body release toxins from deeper tissues just as well as going for a run.
3. Sleep it OFF: We all love to sleep, but hardly any of us get enough of it. Snoozing a little longer or going to bed a little earlier to get the proper seven or eight hours will not only make you more energized, but also keep you from catching a cold.
4. Soup s'on: You know you’re supposed to eat soup when you’re sick, but having some chicken noodle when you’re healthy can actually make it so you won’t have to.
5. Bikrims Yogurt: The probiotics found in yogurt help bolster your immune system by increasing the number of white blood cells in your body,

Article Added: 2014-01-07

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