Dog reTREAT!

How much do you love your dog?

If the answer is indescribable then this is for you.

A dog vacation in the United Kingdom.

The vacation has everything that your dog never knew it wanted like:

-a suite to screen dog movies such as 101 Dalmatians.
-customized doghouses that replicate the owners house, so the pup doesn't get homesick.
-a personal chef,
-walks along the beach, which also include ice cream.
-surfing lessons,
-a day with a dog behavior expert.
-reiki massage sessions,
-fun grooming at Harrods pet spa.
-luxury wardrobe from human designers like Louis Vuitton.
-a solid bronze portrait of the dog by artist Jo Chambers.

It sounds like a lovely relaxing weekend for you dog, the bad news is it will run you about $70,000.

The good news is the owners of this dog vacation will split £8,400 between the Battersea Dog Home and the UK Cancer research.

Article Added: 2013-06-19

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