Dog is After War Machine

Police are looking for a mixed martial arts fighter and porn actor after his girlfriend posted graphic photos of her swollen and beaten face online.

In contrast, this is what Mack looks like when she isn't beat up!

She says the man, known as War Machine, beat her and a friend so severely that she feared for her life.

The woman, Christy Mack, said she was able to eventually escape out a back door and run naked through her neighbourhood, knocking on doors until someone helped her get to a hospital.

To make this story even more bizarre, Dog the Bounty Hunter is in on the action.

In a not so surprising addition to the story, a few years back Koppenhaver randomly tweeted saying that he would have no problem taking down the Bounty Hunter.

And apparently this is all completely legit.

War Machine tweeted a few days ago that

There are now 7 arrest warrants issued for War Machine.

Article Added: 2014-08-13

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