Do You Have a Password on Your Smart Phone?

Do you use a password on your handheld phone? A new study by Symantec suggests that you better.

Symantec is a security software company that specializes in the safety of your online personal information.

They did a study by "losing" 50 identical Android phones that had the exact same apps, battery life and security settings without a password.

The test was conducted simultaneously in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, New York and Ottawa.

Results: over 95% of phones personal information was compromised including work email, pictures and online banking.

50% of the people who found the phones made some sort of attempt to return the phone.

Other notable findings include 72% of people looked through photos and 60% had their social media accessed.

This might be a little biased considering it was done by a company that wants to sell you software to prevent this from happening. Any which way, this was very interesting and eye opening and I have already placed a new password on my phone.

Article Added: 2012-03-20

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