Busy Time For Tattoo Removal

The next two weeks will be very busy.

Not for the taxman but for tattoo removal specialists.

The surge in business is from regretful Spring Breakers who got a tattoo during the past week of fun in the sun. In fact it is big business because an average removal session runs about $300.

All the cool kids have tattoos now as a recent survey suggests that a vast majority of students have a tattoo that their parents don't know about.

In fact, there are kids who have them.

Charges are being brought against Melissa Delp, Daniel Janney and Alex Edwards for the tattooing of two children. Edwards was taking care of Delp and Janney's tweens when he tattooed them without consent. When Delp and Janney returned to their Rustburg, Virginia home they saw the tatts and attempted to cover them up. This added to the scarring.

Article Added: 2014-04-09

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