A Review of the Fray's Vancouver Show - Kailey Zenyk

Sunday, February 26th, at the ever-elegant Orpheum Theatre, the Fray put on a wonderfully humbling show.

Lead singer, Isaac Slade constantly acknowledged the audience’s appreciation of their music subtly with head nods and verbally during breaks. A great sense of togetherness was shared between band and fans by the end of it all.

The openers, Scars on 45, are a quirky band from England who set a light-hearted mood with good music and amusing conversational breaks between songs. Most of the audience seemingly hadn’t heard much of their music but nodded along in enjoyment. The band told stories of their adventures trying to get into Canada during their last tour, appreciated Vancouver for its cleanliness compared to the USA, where they had been touring for the past six months and praised our countries shared love of the Queen. A cute skit of their pianist showing off some dance moves he learned from Louis Van Amstel of Dancing With The Stars not only had the audience laughing, but also falling for the band’s charm. Overall the pairing of the male and female vocals gives the band a well rounded feel to their indie rock music. Finally finishing with a cover of Rihanna’s “We Found Love” gave the audience a chance to bond with the band by singing along, thus winning the hearts of likely new fans.

Opening with four songs from their third album, Scars and Stories, it was clear the fans weren’t overly educated on the album released in 2011. None the less when “You found me” started to play everyone joined in. During a musically powerful “Happiness” Isaac took the time to walk up every isle in the theatre, even the balcony. The crowd was ever so grateful to feel this close to him in an already intimate venue. Isaac took the time to say how sometimes shows are ‘work’, in a derogatory sense, but this one wasn’t left the audience feeling proud to share the bands passion for music. Although most of The Fray’s music has heavy meanings and deep undertones the concert was kept very light. Slade joked about a previous experience in Vancouver getting his car towed, and appreciated Vancouver for being a city that if you only visit it once, you miss it. There was not much interaction with the rest of the band mates however; Joe King did chip in with back up vocals and leading a new song “Fail”. Ending the concert with an encore of one more new song, and a cheerful cover of “Maps” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs with Isaac playing the accordion had the audience feeling pleasantly satisfied.

Article Added: 2012-02-29

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