5-Second Rule Real?

New research suggests that the five-second rule does exist....with some flaws.

A new study done from final year biology students Aston University's School of Life and Health Sciences have compelling evidence that supports the "Five Second Rule."

If you're not aware the Five Second Ruleis defined by Urban Dictionary as: a very complex law of physics. It states that if food (goldfish, for example) is dropped on the floor, it can be "safely" eaten within five seconds. The five second rule is very fun to apply when in...say...architectural drawing class, usually when Mr. Johnson leaves the room.

The new study does have its determining factors though. They looked at different food such as toast, pasta, biscuit, ham, dried fruit and a sticky dessert and looked at different indoor floor types, including carpet, laminate and tiled surfaces and compared all of that to a determined amount of time from five-thirty seconds.

And I'll be damned, the study showed that there was a direct relation to the amount of time the certain food source spent on a determined floor type.

If you drop a moist food on a lament floor you are likely to get more bacteria but if you do drop something dry on a carpet you are likely to get less bacteria.

Other findings showed that 87 percent of people would or have eaten food that dropped on the floor and over 55 percent of women admitted to this.

But previous studies have showed that there is no evidence to support that you get more or less bacteria on your dropped food if you leave it longer than five seconds. In fact the jokers at Mythbusters recently busted....this....myth.

So, take your own conclusions from either study.

Article Added: 2014-03-11

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