5 Apps to Help You Sleep

Are you having trouble sleeping? You're not alone. But here are five apps to aid you with your sleep.

SleepCycle: this app uses the motion sensors in the iPhone to determine your sleep cycle. All you do is program the latest time you'd like to sleep and the system estimates your sleep stage and gently wakes you up as oppose to an alarm just striking.

Sleep As Android: very similar to SleepCycle. It assesses your sleeping style so you can compare your notes over a period of days. It also records audio while you sleep so you can confirm what you were sleeping talking about.

Sleepbot: this app also records your sleeping cycles. The main difference is that it will make suggestions to have a better sleep like what to eat or other techniques for better shut-eye.

Pzizz: it literally has one billion different things. From tones, to music, to sound effects. This app is set to make you relax with soothing tones.

Sleep Pillow: another white noise app. You can set a timer from one-to-sixty minutes to help you fall asleep.

Article Added: 2013-09-03

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